Welcome to my blog!

I am passionate about three things: my family, traveling, and not working (like, ever).

About seven years ago I had the idea to replace my income with rental income. I had been a stay-at-home mom for two years and I REALLY didn’t want to go back to work. So, I figured it the fuck out, and now my husband and I are both retired (at 34 and 33).

This shift in the way I thought about our finances coincided with a shift in our parenting. I was using traditional parenting methods (including spanking, I’m embarrassed to say), and no one– not me, my husband, or my son– was happy. I started to learn about gentle parenting and the science and psychology behind not yelling at or beating the bejeezus out of my child. We made a dramatic shift in our behavior, and once we started treating our son like a human being he thrived. We added another boy to our family, and I went further and further down the rabbit hole of gentle parenting and progressive education. We are now a proud family of radical unschoolers and couldn’t be happier!

Now that we don’t have jobs or school to hold us back, we are focusing on traveling as much as possible. Follow along here or on my Instagram to see what we’re up to!

Much love,