Rainy Barcelona

So, we made it to Barcelona.

It was the boys’ first transatlantic flight and it started out great. The boys were excited about the plane being bigger than they were used to and the fabulous free paper pillows. We got all cozy in our seats and waited for take off. It was fine. Just fine. The flight was an overnight flight from Newark to Barcelona, and in my mind the boys were going to watch a movie then drift peacefully off to sleep until we landed. I might even doze some, too.

Ha. Right.

The boys very happily watched the in-flight entertainment; there were a few movies they hadn’t seen yet and were excited about. After each movie I lovingly nudged them toward sleepytime:

“Do you want to snuggle?”

Or, “Would you like to get cozy in this blanket?”

Or, “For the love of God, won’t you stick to my plan so we will immediately have a GREAT TIME when we arrive!?!” (Not really.)

They both did eventually drift off… about an hour before we landed. Approximately ten seconds later the lights came on and the crew started hustling around chucking croissants at people.

The boys were not okay with this.

Ian was miserable. He started out grumbling and ended up screaming. I couldn’t really blame the kid: I felt like doing it, too. We managed to get our recalcitrant children through the blissfully short passport control line, bustle them into a cab, and ride the terrifying elevator up to our lovely apartment in L’Eixample with no limbs lost. We all went to bed (jet lag tips be damned) and woke up as human beings sometime late in the afternoon. Aside from a brief foray to the supermercado, we were lumps the rest of that first day. I managed to get the boys back to bed a little after midnight (yay, me!), and we were all up again the next day by noon feeling pretty chipper.

We decided with all this energy, and it being our second day in a new country, we really ought to do SOMETHING. So we walked in the rain to the metro, rode a few stops, and tumbled out of the station to go see Sagrada Familia. As we walked up to it, Aidan’s eyes lifted and his face just GLOWED. “This,” I thought, “this is what it’s all for!” I waited expectantly for him to say something.

Finally I asked him what he thought.

“It’s awesome… I’m pretty tired. Can we go back to the apartment now?”

So, we went home.

The boys rested for awhile, and then Aidan helped me pick out tickets to see inside of the cathedral another day.


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